Build a Space

Any classroom or corner of a library can be used into a space for making.

Key things needed for a successful space are:

Table space
Large table spaces allow room for students to design their projects and work freely
without bumping into or knocking over other objects. Work benches are used for planning,
cutting material and building hardware components among others
The room should have enough computers to meet the needs of all students taking part in
the course. Computers are heavily used in the iDesign Studio course. Students should be able
to access these or other computers with the Arduino software, after class hours for homework and projects.

Arduino Software
Arduino software is free and available online at These software should be
downloaded on all computers iDesign Studio students will be using.

Soldering Iron
A soldering iron, solder and solid hookup wire is necessary for connecting components.
You as the instructor can decided whether or not to allow your students access to this equipment,
however many of the sensors and components used in this
course will require a bit of soldering before use. For a lesson on how to solder
see Assignment 3: Soldering Iron.
Bins are a great way to keep student projects and materials organized. Students can store
their projects safely. Bins can be labeled with painter's tape.


Optional equipment

Sewing machine
A sewing machine is a useful machine to have in the space. Students working on larger wearable
related projects often find working with a sewing machine helpful.

3D printer
A 3D printer can also be useful. Students can design their own containers or shells for their
projects. The can also design unique parts if needed using a Modeling Software.