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Discussion 1

Computers are rapidly changing in our society. Originally thought of as desktops they have now evolved into phones and we can fastforward into the future to see how technology will become integrated with our movement and active lives. They can make us more aware of our bodies and surroundings while simultaniously connecting us with each other in a completely different way.

Discussion 1: What is Wearable Technology?

Discussion 2

For decades I've wanted interesting, beautiful and (sometimes) functional electronics on the most personal geographies of all, myself. When I think of "living in the future," it's what springs to mind: subtle LEDs, lots of polished metal. In this week's column I'm going to share some milestones, mistakes, and projects in the world of werable electronics. From geeky watches to wearable music players - I've always wanted to utilize my wrist real estate to my shoes for electronics of some kind. Many of the "wearables" I'm going to share are from my project archives, some are now "real," and others are products that are out now. I think we're finally entering an era where werable electronics can look good and work well.

Discussion 2: Read More

Discussion 3

Voltage, Current, and Resistance - these are three of the most important electrical properties, they are elegantly intertwined by way of a simple equation; V = IR, better known as Ohm's Law. Get to know this fundamental tool of electronics engineering - you'll be glad you did!

Discussion 3: Ohm's Law

Discussion 4

Technology plays an important role in lives today and it has both positive and negative attributes associated with it. Not too long ago many technological devices didnt exist or werent common with the public, however now we consider them essential to maintaining the quality of life we live today.Tools such as cell phones, computers, and other devices can help us connect with others but it can also create distance in existing relationships.

Discussion 4: Connect or Disconnect?

Discussion 5

A glimpse into how engineers thought technology would revolutionize the modern world. The video exposes how in 1992, not that long ago relatively speaking, they couldnt predict how much technology would evolve. It is important to note that although the technology shown in this video seems outdated and "ancient" that it ist obsolete.The video shows standards of flexibility and usability that smartphones and other technology we use today are built upon.

Discussion 5: Vision of Tomorrow

Discussion 6

Technolog plays an important role not only in our personal lives but also in almost every industry. One of the such industries where technology plays a crucial role is in the health sector. It is respobsible for improving and saving numerous lives everyday all around the world. Innovation in the health sector plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of health we have acheived.

Discussion 6: What is Technology's Role in Health?

Discussion 7

Wearable technology isnt just for tracking your fitness, or lack of it, and to funnel phone notifications to a more convinient location. An up and comming use of wearable technology is as a payment method. These devices would anable you to save time by discontinuing the need to fumble through your wallet in search of the card youre looking for. Wearable payment technology would mainstream a contactless payment method that would keep up with our fast paced lives.

Discussion 7: Money No Object: Craft + Technology Residency

Discussion 8

Recap on the basics of programming

Discussion 8: Code Review