Kits for every Module and Assignment
Each link is directed to a saved cart containing all materials needed for Module or Assignment

Kit 1

Kit: LEDs & Breadboard

Used in Module 1:
LEDs and Breadboard
Used in Module 3:
Intro to Arduino

Cart 1: Digikey Supplies

breadboard (1)
jumper wires(65)
LEDs RGBY (40) 10 in each color
3 volt battery(5)
coin holder(1)

Kit 2

Kit: Soft Circuit

Used in Module 2:
Soft Circuit

Cart 1: Digikey Supplies Cart 2: Amazon Supplies

Digikey: Supplies per student
  conductive thread (1)
  sewable battery pack (1)
  LEDs (5)
  conductive fabric(1)

Amazon: Supplies for 10 students
  felt (1)
  needles (3)
  needle nose pliers (5)
  glue gun (1)
  glue sticks (1)
  snaps (3)

Kit 3

Kit 3: Arduino

Used in Module 3:
Intro to Arduino

Cart 1: Digikey Supplies

Standard A-B USB Cable(1)
200 ohm resistor (10)
Photoresistor (3)
10k ohm resistor(10)

Kit 4

Kit 4: Wearable Technology

Used in Module 5:
Squarewear basics

Used in Module 6:
Code Review and LEDs Responding to Sound

Cart 1: Ray's Hobby Supplies Cart 2: Adafruit Supplies

Ray's Hobby: Supplies per student
SquareWear (1)

Micro usb (1)
electret microphone amplifier (1)
Neopixels strip (1) *Optional: High school and College
F/M wires (1)

Kit 5

Kit 5: Sensors

Used in Module 7:
Exploring Other Sensors

Cart 1: Amazon Supplies

Vibrating motor
pressure sensor
Bend Sensor *Optional: High school and College
Servos *Optional: High school and College